Truth in Advertising

Welcome to the second of our Election Advertising episodes. We’re again going to break down what the Parties are doing with their ads – or endeavoring to do with their ads – with advertising gurus Dennis Matthews and David Rosenberg.

Dennis and David (for the Conservative and Liberal Parties, respectively) have been responsible for so much of the notable election advertising in this country.

Dennis managed, strategized and created advertising campaigns for Stephen Harper for over a decade, and his work helped Doug Ford to a majority victory in Ontario in 2018. Dennis now Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Enterprise Canada.

David has created campaigns for Paul Martin, Kathleen Wynne and his ads played no small part in Justin Trudeau’s stunning majority 4 years ago. David is currently partner and Chief Creative Officer at Bensimon Byrne.

Here are links to the ads discussed on today’s pod: 

Liberal Environment Ad | Conservative Affordability Ad | Green Party Environment Ad | Conservative attack on Carbon Tax | Liberal Gun Control Ad | NDP attack on Trudeau