Nick Kouvalis

This is going to shock a lot of Liberals and New Democrats, but political consultant Nick Kouvalis is a smart and thoughtful guy. Nick achieved notoriety for his work with Rob and Doug Ford in Toronto and Kellie Leitch in the federal Conservative leadership race. He is also a successful advisor to more mainstream politicians, such as Toronto Mayor John Tory and former British Columbia Premier Christy Clark. I had a chance to sit down with Nick shortly after Andrew Scheer won the federal Conservative Leadership race to discuss what motivates him in politics, why he chooses the candidates that he does, and what he thinks about Doug Ford as he gears up to lead John Tory in the next municipal election.

Ken Dryden, Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of my conversation with the legendary Ken Dryden. If you’re over 45 then you know that Ken Dryden is the greatest goalie in hockey. Less well known perhaps is his work in chronicling this nation and his thoughtful approach to make Canada a better place. Part 2 of my discussion with Ken Dryden is about his take on Canada 150, head injuries in sports—particularly hockey—and what can be done about it today.

Denise Donlon, Part 2

Welcome back to The Herle Burly for part 2 of my conversation with special guest Denise Donlon. She was one of the creators of Much Music. She was the president of Sony Records Canada. And she was the vice-president of the CBC. On this episode we’ll discuss Denise’s experience as a female executive in the male-dominated music industry, and the importance of the CBC as a cultural institution and force for national unity.


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