Bob Shrum

Few campaign consultants have had the kind of impact on American politics as Bob Shrum. Now retired from political campaigns, Mr. Shrum was for decades the most sought-after strategist in the Democratic Party, serving, among others, John Kerry, Al Gore, Joe Biden, and most notably, the late Ted Kennedy. Overseas his clients included Ehud Barak in his campaign for Prime Minister of Israel, and Gordon Brown for Prime Minister of the UK.

Mr. Shrum is currently serving as Director of the Center for the Political Future and Warschaw Chair in Practical Politics at USC Dornsife.

As the next presidential campaign takes shape, we’ll discuss how Trump got here and what it will take from the Democratic field to defeat him in 2020, and whether the Kennedyesque call-to-service can be rekindled in modern democracy.

Titans of Business with Michael McCain

Michael McCain heads up one of Canada’s flagship companies which employs over 11,000 people in Canada and the US, with global sales of over $3B. As President and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, Michael has been navigating the relationship between business and politics for nearly 40 years. We’ll discuss his journey, along with growing issues of inequality and food security. When seemingly too few business leaders enter the political fray, Michael’s voice is a refreshing reminder of how the two can work together.

George Will

Today on the pod … political commentator, Pulitzer Prize winner, and the man whom the Wall Street Journal called “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America” … George Will.

Mr. Will has been the authority on American conservatism for nearly 50 years. Now he’s out with a new book, called “The Conservative Sensibility”.

We’re going to talk about the book and the state of conservatism today in the United States, as well as The Republican Party, President Trump and issues from income inequality to climate change.

Be sure to purchase a copy of his new book at your nearest Indigo Books.

next generation Liberal: Nate Erskin-Smith

Nate Erskin-Smith is the young, bright Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York. In an age of AOC’s and Mayor Pete’s, I’m very pleased to have someone like Nate on the podcast to dive deep on the priorities for next generation leadership. We’ll discuss what drew Nate to the Liberal Party and how a rookie MP found his independence within it. You’ll very quickly learn why everyone tells me Nate is the kind of thoughtful leader we’ll see a lot more of in the years ahead.

The Hon. Monte Solberg

Is the national fabric that holds Canada together fraying? Is Western alienation in our prairie provinces real? What do the pipeline and equalization debates reveal about the rise of right-wing populism? To address some of these questions we’re joined by the Honourable Monte Solberg. Mr. Solberg was a long-time Alberta MP, an influential cabinet minister in Ottawa, and one of the founders of the Reform Party of Canada. I’m pleased this unabashed, prairie-populist Conservative joined me on The Herle Burly to talk about Trump, climate change, immigration, and the election of Jason Kenney in Alberta.

SEIU Healthcare President Sharleen Stewart

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a 2-million-member union representing some of the most overlooked workers in our economy. You need only look south of the border to see the strength of their political activity as the driving force behind the now global Fight for $15 movement. Sharleen Stewart joins us in her capacity as the SEIU Healthcare President in Canada to share the deeply emotional stories of women who make up the backbone of our health care system who are fighting for dignity, not just for themselves, but for the seniors who rely on them for care.

Kate Graham

Dr. Kate Graham is the host of a compelling new podcast, called “No Second Chances,” which explores the experiences of women in politics through the lens of Canada's 12 female first ministers and their rise and fall from power. Kate joins us to share her insights about the gender inequality issues they faced while in office, as well as her own personal experience in running for office herself.

Amanda Litman

Amanda is the co-founder of the incredibly vital Political Action Committee, “Run for Something” whose mission is to get young, progressive-thinking candidates from non-traditional backgrounds to run for, and win, state and local office. And to create a next generation slate of candidates to seek higher office in the future. When she began “Run for Something”, Amanda hoped to recruit about 100 candidates. So far, over 19,000 have asked for funding or support. Join us to hear Amanda share her story of how she transitioned from the crushing loss as a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer to being pissed off at Trump and doing something about it.

Jeff Pearlman

My guest is sportswriter, blogger, podcaster, and New York Times best-selling author, Jeff Pearlman. THE Jeff Pearlman. Formerly of Sports Illustrated. Formerly of ESPN. Formerly of Newsweek. Currently of The Athletic. And host of the podcast: Two Writers Slinging Yang. Join us as we nerd out on his new book “Football for a Buck” about pre-president Trump and the insanity that was the United States Football League.

Prime Minister Paul Martin, part 2

Paul Martin’s public life has been marked by a willingness to confront the challenges we face with solutions bold enough to meet them. On this episode we’ll look back on a range of policy files during his tenure as Prime Minister—from the Kelowna Accord and his work with Indigenous Peoples to healthcare and child care, as well as multilateralism and the G20—but we’ll also discuss the sources weakening our institutions and the responsibility of government today. Please join me and the Right Honourable Paul Martin, Canada’s 21st Prime Minister, for part two of our conversation on The Herle Burly.

Prime Minister Paul Martin, part 1

The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, Canada’s 21st Prime Minister, joins the podcast for a frank exchange about his time in public office and an in-depth discussion about some of the biggest issues facing our country and the world today.

On this episode our conversation will focus on his formative years as a young man, as an entrepreneur, and an honest debate about the critical public policy files during his term as Canada’s Minister of Finance (part 1 of 2).

Conservative Politics with Hugh Segal

Few understand conservatism in Canada as much as Hugh Segal. His public service includes serving as Chief of Staff to Ontario Premier Bill Davis and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Mr. Segal is also an author, former senator, and current principal at Massey College.

This episode is the flip side to my earlier discussion with Bob Rae. Whereas the conversation with Mr. Rae examined politics from the progressive point of view, this episode with Mr. Segal takes a look at politics from the perspective of a thoughtful conservative.

I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did his insightful analysis on some of today’s most pressing issues, like climate change and trade, but also his personal stories about leadership, including a few anecdotes about Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Progressive Politics with Bob Rae

Bob Rae has been a pillar of Canadian politics for over 40 years. Easily one of the most important Canadians of his generation, Ontario’s 21st Premier and former interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada joins The Herle Burly for a discussion about progressive politics, but also to give his insights in to the forces changing society today. This episode is part one of a two-part discussion about progressive and conservative politics in Canada and around the world. The next episode will feature a conversation with the legendary Hugh Segal for a discussion about conservatism—past and present.

Political Year in Review with #ScottWatt

Nine months after three of us gathered on The Herle Burly, Scott Reid and Jaime Watt join me on the podcast for a raucous discussion about the most significant political events of the year. We’ll look back at the 2018 Ontario election and the first months of the Ford government, as well as how the political parties are positioned federally, and finally a review of Trump’s America. Join us for that conversation plus a new Herle Burly speed round as we wrap up the year. #ScottWatt

California Dreamin’: midterm reflections with California pollster, Ruth Bernstein

The morning after the midterm elections I sat down with veteran political pollster, Ruth Bernstein in Oakland, California. Ruth works out of the San Francisco Bay Area for clients across California, as well as Governors and Senators throughout the United States. Like me, Ruth got her start in polling because of her love for politics, but what’s clear is that Ruth Bernstein a fierce champion for seeing more women on the ballot and more women elected. Among her collection of San Francisco Giants bobble heads, Ruth hosted me in her office to talk about the midterms, Trump in 2020, and our shared profession of public opinion research.

Averell "Ace" Smith, US Democratic Party Strategist

Averell "Ace" Smith is one of the great American political strategists for Democratic Party candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris. Ace is best known for his work as an opposition researcher, but today he joins us to discuss his new book on Satchel Paige, The Pitcher and the Dictator, and of course, to reflect on the state of politics and what it will take to beat Trump in 2020.